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3-ways to get out the door! Getting in your workout.

Sometimes the alarm goes off and I have to ask myself…how will I get out the door and workout?!?!?!
I recently heard from one of my Baby Boot Camp mom clients who explained how hard it is for her to get out with her two kiddos to do anything let alone for a workout!  I think she was expecting me to tell her how I do it. My response was not to convince her otherwise, instead I responded with…IT SURE IS!! Of course it is. And I can tell you first-hand that it is hard because I have 3 kiddos that I need to get out of the house in time for our classes. I’ll be the first one to admit that getting out the door is a challenge in it self. The workout is the easy part.

 I asked her this question, after the hassle of getting the kids in the car, schlepping to the park, getting the kids out and praying to the mom-gods that the kids cooperate in class, have you ever regretted the workout? The answer was an emphatic “absolutely not!” She actually admitted that she felt GREAT after working out. That’s what I thought. Even after lugging myself out in the early dark morning to teach a KarnaCAMP class I always tell myself I’m going to go straight into my car and take a nap before I head back home. This NEVER happens. I’m way to amp’d up to sleep after a great workout.

 SO in the end the lesson of this story is that yes it’s work to get yourself to that workout each morning, but it would be hard whether you have NO children or 3 or 4 children to get out the door.  Getting out is the hardest part but the question you have to ask yourself is this, is it WORTH it?  Here’s an even more important question are YOU & your family are worth it? If you answer YES to either of these questions then that’s what you use to get you out the door.  So here’s our 3 tips to get you out the door.

 Ask yourself this question. Is it worth it? YES!
1– Pick out your workout clothes before you go to bed & place your running shoes in the bathroom (or take it with you to work if you plan to workout after work)
2-Set the alarm (or put a reminder on your schedule as an important meeting appointment after work)
3-Got to bed early! – Getting a good night sleep will help you get enough rest and wake up refreshed on the morning of your workout.
I can honestly say that for me getting out the door to teach awesome workouts has been totally worth it. Check out our testimonials!
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