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5 Healthy Eating Tips While On Vacation


Going on vacation? Well here are 5 healthy eating tips while still enjoying your vacation!  August is usually the month of Summer vacations which is always a fun time for everyone.  So I thought I would share some things we do while on our family vacation. Vacations could also be a time when most people just let go of all their healthy habits and set themselves back by making poor eating choices.  There are some folks who don’t let vacation stop their healthy momentum! We can learn a lot from them.

First they plan to continue their workouts while on the road. They pack their running shoes, fitness apparel, and water bottle so that way they’re ready. They seem to find a local gym or boot camps nearby or simple go out for a run while on vacation. There are plenty of free workouts in just about every town in America (and abroad). This reminds me of a great run I had in South Africa while on my honeymoon. I was a religious avid runner back then and a wedding or exotic honey moon was no reason to stop me! Imagine taking in this view early in the morning!

However most of us are not the uber-health afficionados and we need a couple of outside motivators to help keep us on track. So here’s a few tips to keep yourself on track while having a FUN time on vacation!

1-Hydrate yourself! Keep water with you always. It’s easy to dehydrate while having fun and being in the sun for too long.

2-Walk! This is a great time to take family strolls and leave the car behind. Offer to walk to dinner or to the beach or find some great photo back drops for that perfect vacation pic to post on Facebook🙂

3-Enjoy the seasonal or regional foods! Summer fruits and veggies are probably the most colorful so enjoy the freshness of these seasonal foods. If you’re in a different region then enjoy the fresh typical cuisine.

4-Eat slowly! While at fun family meals enjoy the company, the conversation, and stop between bites to chew your food slowly and savor the goodness.

5-Pick only 1 – If you’re going to indulge pick only one…either wine or dessert but not both!

And there you have it vacation and a little healthy happiness all rolled up into one. Bon Voyage!

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