Home Blog Do we have to choose between looking good or feeling good?

Do we have to choose between looking good or feeling good?


If you had to choose between looking good or feeling good which would you pick?

What happens when you feel good? You actually LOOK good!

I’m in the health and wellness industry but I often find myself in the psychological and personal therapy world.  You see, your physical well being has a lot to do with your mental well being. I’m sure you’ve seen the latest trends of mind body yadda yadda. This isn’t a new discovery but this has been the case for centuries.  When your body is working optimally your mind is sure to follow.  And the reverse is even more so true when your mind is open and aware your body will follow the path to optimal wellness.

When I’m working with my Baby Boot Camp moms it’s ALWAYS the case that exercise helps new moms in some way.  It’s a fact that exercise helps the body improve your mood but more importantly the community of women in class is quite often therapeutic for a new mom or for a veteran mom with multiple children. So you see our program not just about an exercise class it’s a lot more than that!

As a personal trainer I have met plenty of women who come in looking to “just lose a few pounds so I can fit into…” and as the weeks go by we discover that’s it’s not just about the exercise classes but discovering new eating habits. The biggest challenge is how to battle the bad eating habits and transform them into healthy eating habits. And along the way we’ll discover some emotional challenges that fed the negative eating habits.

Many times it’s negative self image, stress, overwhelming demands every day that lead to a low self-esteem and eventually an unhealthy lifestyle.  With support, accountability, and a positive environment we can turn things around taking into account the occasional set backs here an there. Your exercise program shouldn’t just be about a class with enough push ups and squats but it should be about what makes you feel good about yourself!

Confidence radiates from within. Ever admired a confident person? I find the most attractive people are attractive because they’re confident. Where does this confidence come from? It comes from how you feel about yourself.  Many times it’s not about what size you can fit into, it’s not about how many pounds or inches are lost, or about how many burpees you can do. I often find that when my clients get active, get more energy they suddenly start to feel good about themselves. When you start to feel good you begin to feel good about yourself.  AHA! That’s the moment when I see a client at that pivotal point in our program when they realize I look good because I suddenly feel good. It’s not about how the world sees me but really about how I see myself. If I can appreciate the beauty of me then the rest of the world is sure to follow!

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