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Instant gratification is what motivates most people these days. Everyone says it! And it’s true. The new age or should I be saying “millennium age” mentality is now, quick, fast, yesterday! I am a victim as well :raising hand: and I am aware of my problem. Ask my husband, hell hath no fury like the rage of Jen when wifi doesn’t work in the house. Truth!

Okay so now that we’ve acknowledged that fact let’s move on. Yes so the same goes with training clients or new moms at Baby Boot Camp.  Common questions are so how soon can I get this weight off? When will I feel like myself again? When can I fit into my old jeans?

 As a fellow mom, I have to have an answer and tell them what they want to hear. You will lose the weight sooner than you think! You will fit into those jeans before you know it! You’ll feel like yourself in NO TIME! 😃 BUT…there’s always a “but” isn’t there? Yes I qualify all of my answers with BUT because I have to be honest! I love you and I feel you and I have BEEN there so yes there is a BUT and a BIG BUT…no pun intended. You must be ready to commit to some changes and you WILL see some changes soon and eventually you’ll see results.  Results that will last. Vague yes but it’s true. You will never see a permanent change unless you decide it’s time to make it part of your life, like brushing your teeth. When YOU decide now is the time to do this every single day.
Okay so I’ve got your attention and now on to those miracle tips right? RIGHT!
 #1 – Get your attitude in check. Take the test. Are you kinda ready? Are you REALLY ready? Are you going to do this or die trying? Where are you on the scale of commitment? If it’s anywhere between 1 and 8 then I can tell you straight up nope you’re not ready. You’re just not there yet. Maybe you will give it a good go but it probably will not stick. If however your answer is a solid-no-doubt-cemented-let’s do it TEN then you’re ready! Then and only then will you commit to this process. That’s the case with anything you set your mind to. Only a TEN will get you where you want to be and that’s a fact. If you’re at a TEN then move on to Step 2…if not then STOP reading and figure out why you’re not at a TEN yet? What would happen if you actually reached your goal? What have you done in the past to get healthy? How has that worked out for you? IF you got healthier how would that feel like for you?….hmmm?
 #2 – For two weeks start with a clean slate! I mean clean clean clean like do a fridge & pantry dump and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you well.  Maybe it’s processed foods, soda, juices, cupcakes, ice cream (my fav!), frozen packaged meals, etc. Once you’ve cleaned house. Sit down for 10 minutes and plan out the next week of dinners. Got your dinners going? Okay now do lunch and then breakfast. In that order. This meal plan you will repeat next week!  Need some ideas? Check out my sample meal plan for you. And  now go grocery shopping like it’s the first time you’re filling up the fridge….hit the produce first and get as many green things as you like and then add some other colors.  Go through your frozen section to get fruits & veggies that may not be in season that you like.  Move on to your favorite protein poultry or fish and if you’re a vegetarian even better skip this part and proceed to checkout. Now you are ARMED!
 #3 – For the next two weeks sleep 6-8 hours. AND I want you to come up with a bed time ritual. If you’re a mom you know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s shower, tea, and bed or perhaps it’s tea, book, and bed.  The point is 15 min before bed do something that relaxes you and no screen time at all. Music, a book, a warm beverage, a long shower etc. whatever it is to relax and get your MIND and body for a restful sleep.  And finally plan a week of exercise. Two times this week and three times the following week for 30 minutes.  Here is a Meal-and-fitness-planner to help you get started!
And there you have it!! Post your comments and let me know how well you’ve done. And remember to CELEBRATE every day what you did great. And tomorrow you can work on what didn’t workout so well.
In health & happiness,
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