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Happy 2014! It’s Resolution Time….AGAIN


If you’re like me you’ve done about a thousand resolutions over the years many of which get long lost & forgotten right around the time the ground hog makes an appearance. So this year I’ve decided to have a special event to help our members and MYSELF create realistic and sustainable resolutions. This year will be soooo different that I won’t even call them “RESOLUTIONS!”

I’ve decided to call them wait for it…..my 2014 TARGETS…this way if I fall just a tad short of my targets I’ll still be closer to them than I am today. We can all aim for change, for enlightenment, for growth, for happiness and as long as you continue to AIM for these targets you will always be better off than you were when you started. It’s just like playing darts…you have to keep throwing those darts aiming towards the bulls-eye but even if you hit some around the bulls eye you still get a few points!

This year when you think about your TARGETS keep a few things in mind:

-WRITE THEM DOWN…ALL of them…even the ones that you don’t want anyone to know of. Putting them out there in the universe makes them real and it makes them attainable. Writing them down allows you to own them and let’s you touch and feel them.

-Keep them out where you can visibly see them each day – your bathroom, your fridge, your car, your closet door are just a few good places.  Maybe you can add some motivation pictures like a house or pic of a bathing suit or a fav dress and add some words that will keep you inspired during the tough times that will inevitably occur during the year. Anticipating challenging moments will help get you back on track quicker.

-Go back to them regularly and readjust each month and make sure they’re still realistic…maybe they’ll need tweaking.  Add a reminder to your phone on the first of the month to take a few minutes to go over your goals & assess where you’re at and how much you’ve accomplished. If you’ve moved that needle then REWARD yourself. You deserve it!

-Keep adding things to your list of targets that will keep you evolving & growing throughout the year! We are all constantly changing and many times our goals need to change as we do. This doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in any way but it allows you to reflect where you are in your life and what circumstances and priorities have changed that can affect your goals.

-Be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you are a masterpiece that will also take time to flourish. So be accountable but be kind to yourself. Guilt doesn’t allow us to move forward but encouragement and strength and will power does!

-ASK for help. ASK for support. ASK for guidance. This is the hardest one for me. For some reason many of us believe that we can do things by ourselves as if we get some kind of award for doing things in isolation. I don’t know about you but I have yet to see an Oscar being given for….Best Person to achieve 1000 things without anyone, any help, any advice & any support EVER!!…People who care and love you will be more than willing to help so just ask. Remember that those that are most successful usually have a strong support system around them.

From my family at Smart Family Fitness to yours I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

May 2014 bring you an abundance of prosperity and may your families be blessed with love and understanding.  And most of all, make this year one that brings about healthy changes that will result in many many years of HEALTH so that you can continue to spend precious moments of joy with all of those you love!

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