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Healthy Resolutions for 2014 – Map The Course!


So it’s January and of course many of have decided THIS is the year where we take control of life and start making it better. I’m sure you’ve set you healthy resolutions for 2014 and you’re going to eat better, get more sleep, organize our life, and as a result we’re going to look great and FEEL great! I’ve been talking to my boot camp ladies about all week. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment of completion of I-set-out-to-do-it-and-did-it. That is what I call a natural high. It’s like sipping on a glass of fine wine (or beer) after a long productive week and knowing you deserve it without any guilt.

BUT -here’s the but because there’s always a but. But how many of us actually get to that point? I asked some of my boot camp mamas and ladies this question…did you have the same goals last year? We are great at identifying point A and point B. We know where are we are and we know where we want to be with our health resolutions but how do we get there??  That, dear friends, is where most of fail. We fail to map out the route. We fail to plan for obstacles, distractions, flat-tires, traffic along our route to point B. Have you ever taken a road trip to a place you’ve never been to without a map (I’m dating myself – I mean GPS!) or at the very least traveled with someone who knows the way? I mean really who in their right mind would ever just hop in the car and just wing-it to a 3-hour destination they’ve never been to! SO why do we take this insane approach when it comes to getting to our goals? I don’t know but we do. I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Everyone does it.

One of the first things we do at our consultation with a Baby Boot Campparticipant is we identify their health goals or resolutions and the we set a PLAN. That’s right a plan, a schedule, an assessment of where we’re at and what are the milestones we need set up along the way to get to our ultimate goal. So the way to change the past failed attempts at reaching  your goals lies with changing your way of thinking. It will require changing the way you’ve done it in the past. I know it sounds uncomfortable and like a novelty right?

This year, if you are serious about reaching the your health resolutions and goals you set out for yourself take the time to plan and strategize about HOW you’re going to get there.  Hence, MAP THE COURSE. I know  I know what a GENIUS idea! What can I say I like to simplify things and make them sound extraordinary🙂  And I will share the steps to take and map out exactly how you can reach your health goals. It’s really about taking control of your destiny through actions! You can’t just wish it to happen. You have to MAKE it happen. If you’ve ever been to my Baby Boot Camp class you’ve heard me say it…”You can’t WISH a good work out you actually have to WORK out!”

Right here right now we’re going to knock out these goals for 2014. In fact, I will do it WITH you. I will share some of my own health resolutions for 2014 and show you exactly  how I like to plan and map the course AND I will also show you how to anticipate challenges and obstacles along the way so that you don’t get derailed from the course.  You have to plan for pit stops along the way just as if you were taking a road trip across the country.  If you were take this long road trip or even a flight to some place you would anticipate traffic to the airport or bathroom breaks on the road or where you’ll fuel up the car or how long it will take you to get through security etc. etc. SO we’re going to approach our goal mapping the same exact way!

Here’s my 1st Healthy Resolutions or goal…Get into the best shape of my life!

1– Write it down some place visible…done

2-Tell people! I told my husband and my family that this is what I want to do this year by my birthday (October) when I turn 40…EEEK!

3-The plan…I teach fitness classes but it doesn’t mean I always get a good work out in and I’m a runner but that doesn’t put in the BEST shape of my life so I need to break out of my comfort zone and do different workouts.

  1. Find a workout I might like so in January – I tried CrossFit class or WOD is it? I tried a Zumba Class or Party? And I tried a Kickboxing Class. I determined I like the kickboxing class the best
  2. Schedule time for my new workout – 3x a week in the early morning works best for me…It’s in my calendar and on my family’s calendar
  3. Plan a race. I do run but I don’t always actually train for anything. I decided to improve my running by challenging myself to a PR in Half Marathon (crazy, I know). So I’m training for the More Marathon in NYC  April 13th
  4. Schedule time to run in the evenings on my off days from kickboxing – 2x a week and a day for speed work…remember I need a PR

4– Monthly Check up – check in with your plan each month. Schedules can change, things come up, and we get unmotivated. So schedule a time on your phone to look back on your plan and see if you’re keeping up.

5- April post race reassess my goal. Am I getting closer? Did I achieve a PR? How do I feel? Set up another race for Sept.

6 – Check if I still like kickboxing? Try new workouts…Bar Method, Yoga, or a personal trainer🙂

I invite you all to check in with me in April to see how I did at the More Half Marathon!

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