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Holiday Eating Tips


Every year around this time I get asked what my best tip is to get through the holidays? At our nutrition sessions our clients are gearing up for the holidays and they want to be ARMORED.  My tip to get through this time of year is to ENJOY your holiday and ENJOY your meals. I’ll have my turkey with all the fixins and my dessert too!!

That’s right, don’t skimp out on any of your favorite dishes. Enjoy each and every one of them. Now I didn’t say over dose on these favs but really thoroughly enjoy and savor your meals. Stop. Breathe. Be in the moment of the occasion with your loved ones. The holidays are about the experience and the gratitude. The food is just the icing on the cake (pun intended ha!).

Food brings people together and is the focal point of social gatherings celebrating the holidays. In our house it’s not Thanksgiving without a giant turkey, a roast pork, glazed veggies, grand-ma’s stuffing, and MY delicious sweet potato pie! For a foodie like myself, this is the definition of heaven. In heaven I’ll be able to eat like this to my heart’s content without a single thought of the consequences!  It will be a lovely time I’m sure.

BUT I’m not in heaven yet so hence I must succumb to my practical senses. I still enjoy my time with family and I still enjoy all of the food that I love with sensibility and practical strategy.

Here’s what my plate will look like on Thanksgiving and when (notice I didn’t say “if”) I go back for seconds I will use these practical portion control methods to keep the binging at bay. I know after my second helping of stuffing & turkey I will be satisfied…STOP!  The red light will go off in my head and this is where the indulgence will end. Like any recovering food addict, it has to be a conscious effort. I’m not one of those that can proclaim “I just stop when I’m full.” My mind and my mouth are simply not that coordinated. SO the conversation in my head goes something like this…

Starving yourself until dinner will only make you hungrier so have a healthy breakfast…this will minimize the guilt and you won’t be going off the deep end later on

Drink water during the day so you won’t try to convince yourself later that you’re hungry when in fact you’re just dehydrated.

Sloooow down girl, close your eyes, and let flavors engulf your taste buds and remember you’ve been waiting ALL year to enjoy this meal.

Put your fork down between bites, no one’s taking your plate away, and chew slowly. Don’t let this movie end too fast!

Okay what was your favorite part of the plate?…Grandma’s stuffing & turkey? I knew it would be.  Go ahead get a second helping (about a fistful).

YUMMMMM that was worth it wasn’t it?  Yup it was.

I’m so glad you got your workout in this morning.  Now put your dish in the sink & go mingle…your sister mentioned something about having dinner at her house for Christmas. I wonder what’s on the menu??…

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