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Surviving the Holidays!


The holidays and religious traditions are truly about making memories with our families whether it’s my Baby Boot Camp /Karna family or my personal family I try to focus on the experience of our holiday traditions. I encourage my clients to re-direct your focus during this time of year from the food and drinks to the experiences and social aspect of the holiday season. Taking time to put your fork down and truly LISTENING to the conversations of those around you can not only help curb the nutritional sabotage on your program but also help you be IN the moment of these special social gatherings and truly appreciate these experiences.

What happens during the holidays is that we lose all focus about what these celebrations and traditions are truly about? At Smart Family Fitness I focus on “FAMILY” for a reason. Our families whether they are comprised of very close friends or blood relatives are the glue that holds our life together.  They are the people that make us who we are and make this journey of life worth while. If we’re celebrating our accomplishments or leaning on those we love for support our family are the people that give meaning to our life. When you decide to start a boot camp like ours or new nutritional programs you can’t be successful unless you have an adequate support system around you to help keep you accountable.  And when you decide to do something for yourself you inevitably inspire and motivate your family to do the same.

Surviving the holidays doesn’t have to be about deprivation and isolation.  A little planning, a few tips, and making a commitment to sticking to the gym or exercise program like Baby Boot Camp & Karna Camp can help keep the extra 5-10 holiday pounds from creeping up on you! Leaning on your support system during this time is also critical to your success during the holiday season. TELL people that you’re trying to keep up your positive eating habits. TELL those you love that you feel GREAT about yourself and you want to keep feeling this way with their help. Their support & motivation will not only help keep you in check but your loved ones will also feel like they’ve helped you along the way to success!

Keeping a balance between eating out and preparing your own meals can help cut down on hundreds of calories. Making this time of year less about the food & more about relaxing, letting go of the daily stress, and ENJOYING quality time with friends and those you love.

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