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The Magic Weight Loss Pill


Everyone wants the secret to weight loss! I think I have it…but please don’t tell anyone because I’ve only selected a FEW good people to share this top secret information. Brace yourself because here it comes and what you do with it is entirely up to you.

…in that order!  This time of year I get bombarded with questions and interviews for articles asking what’s your “secret” to achieving weight loss for you clients? My answer is pretty simple and it always has been.  The Magic pill is about getting healthy not weight loss. Weight loss may be part of the journey but it certainly isn’t the ultimate goal, at least not for me or my clients.

After my own personal struggles with weight loss I realized that once I got to my “ideal” weight I had no where to go next? Inevitably the ideal weight loss just turned into weight gain! So I reached my magic number now what?!  I had a few bouts with the magic weight loss pill and it came in different forms the multiple gym memberships without the food plan, the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig without any exercise guidance, the magic shakes that would guarantee the weight loss in just 7 days or the crash diet that deprived me of sugar or carbs or proteins or BOTH all guaranteeing weight loss in just a short amount of time. The problem was that the number became my goal and when you’re looking to get healthy it’s not about a number.  The get-healthy goal is a constant work in progress.  I STILL have get-healthy goals that I’m working towards and so should you.  I won’t ignore the obvious some of us need to lose some weight on the road to healthy. I certainly had some excess weight after two pregnancies I was most definitely looking for weight loss specifically, the baby weight.  Finding ways to get rid of excess weight is definitely part of the program for some of us.  But those weight loss goals are short term it’s part of the overall plan to get you healthy!  The long term goal with in our programs is gaining optimal health for you and that varies from person to person.  Healthy as opposed to a number will get you much farther then you ever imagined.  The perspective to health is totally different when you’re focused on attaining healthy habits as opposed tunnel vision on weight loss.  Striving for your optimal health will lead you to thinking about what you eat, ways to improve your fitness level, and setting goals that have nothing to do with a scale.  Here’s a stat for you: self-directed fat loss programs fail a staggering 98% of the time.  You may have tried and failed yourself once or twice.  If not, you definitely know someone who has (ME).  The truth is getting to an ideal weight is just one way to measure progress so is body measurements, adding workouts to your daily routine, improving your strength over time, and eliminating foods that are not laden with sugar and fat. While I’m not looking for weight loss right now I do check-in with my weight from time to time.  I MUCH prefer to focus on the non-scale victories to help motivate myself and my clients.

Whether you’re looking for weight loss or strength or fitness or eating right or an ideal combination of all these then here’s some things that I KNOW has worked. It’s worked for me and for my clients.

Have a plan. Don’t get on the road without a map.

Guidance & support, those who have it SUCCEED and those who don’t usually fail.

Reward yourself for all of the different areas of improvement (NOT with food but maybe a new pair of jeans😉 ha!)

And finally 80% is what you EAT and the other 20% is what you DO…start building those abs in the kitchen & get out there and start moving.

That’s the bottom line.

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