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I’m a mom first and foremost so I’m compelled to share my most recent mommy adventure because it also happens to be my most recent TRAINER adventure! The potty trainer…the results are not as glamorous as slipping on a size 4 dress BUT the results are just rewarding! Any parent who’s had to teach their child to use the potty would agree.

You’re probably thinking WHAT does this have to do with health & fitness? But it dawned on me this weekend that it has everything to do with training to yourself to be healthy and fit. Whether you’re potty training, fitness training, or nutrition training there are key essential elements that are critical to seeing RESULTS! It all comes down to results…RESULTS!

Before I started our training this weekend with my youngest daughter we had to get Support. I tell my clients all the time that in order to be successful you MUST have support at home, at work, at social events wherever you go let people know what you’re working towards. The more support you have on your side the easier it will be stay on course. It’s impossible to accomplish anything alone and it’s always possible when you have a support system. With my little one, I had to enlist the support of dad and her sisters to get everyone in the house on the same page on how we were going to help her succeed.

Then we created the plan…the odds are always in your favor if you have a plan. It’s easier to go on a road trip with a map, a GPS, or with someone who knows the route. A plan gives you the step by step guidance to reach those goals. And even if you encounter a detour it’s easy to get back on track when you have a plan leading the way. At home we haven’t followed the plan to a T but whenever we were off-plan it was easy to spot and we knew exactly what we had to do to get back on track.

Setting goals is essential but not just long term goals but short term goals to help you celebrate your interim successes. I tell my clients to pick one new goal a week and strive to reach those goals and over the course of a year you will have accomplished 52 goals!! So each day we celebrated my little one’s successes….the set backs aren’t easy (and in my case they were quite MESSY) but knowing that each day we were closer then we were yesterday helps to see our success within reach! This is the same for you too. CELEBRATE your successes both big & small. Every week reward yourself for what you did accomplish and forget the messy set backs. I personally feel the Potty Dance and some serious fabulous stickers are a great way to celebrate.🙂

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