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Weekend Sabotageā€¦No more!


We are half way through June and I imagine the social engagements are plentiful which makes it hard to maintain our positive health habits that weā€™ve been working on.

Below are some helpful tips to get us through the weekend and not to undo all of our hard work. Keep these in mind to help keep you on track and avoid the weekend binge guilt!!
1 ā€“ Eat BEFORE you leave the house whether itā€™s a healthy snack, a healthy appetizer before ur dinner plans, or a healthy light dinner before going for drinks
2 ā€“ Get in an extra work out on Saturday/Sunday morning
3 ā€“ Drink lots of water at the family barbecue
4 ā€“ Save your alcohol for your special event and limit it to 2 drinks
5 ā€“ Bring a healthy dish to the party one that works for YOU
And finally, HAPPY FATHERā€™S day to all of the great supportive dads!!
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